Marriage Encouragement

Faithfulness in Marriage

What does it mean to be faithful? Often we use the word to mean merely not committing adultery, but the word itself encompasses so much … [Read More...]

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Frugal Date Night Ideas

Frugal Date Night

If you are anything like us, you are always searching for ways to have a fun and frugal date night together. We have had seasons where all of our dates consisted of at home dates when the children … [Read More...]

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Praying For Your Marriage

What Is Prayer? @ Fulfilling Your Vows

When seeking after something, an important first step is to figure out what that something really is. We all know we should pray for our spouses and with our spouses, but just what does that really … [Read More...]

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Intimacy In Marriage

3 Simple Ways to Increase Intimacy in Marriage

Whether you are engaged, newly wed, or married for any length of time, intimacy is a potential issue in all marriages. Whether you are equally yoked and married to a fellow believer or unequally yoked … [Read More...]

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Just For Wives

Fulfilling Your Vows

Today I am over at The Time Warp Wife guest posting about "The Honor of Becoming a Help Meet". Here is an excerpt from my post: "If I am being honest, the first time I learned about the concept of … [Read More...]

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Just For Husbands

Fulfilling Your Vows

Letting Go Of That Tough Guy Mentality Are you tired of acting cold or harsh toward everyone that you come in contact with? Do you get tired of feeling that you have to justify yourself to everyone … [Read More...]

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Marriage & Finances

marriage and finances

For many of us, being independent with finances is an easy thing to do. After all, it's easy to figure out who is spending your money when it's just you depositing and withdrawing the funds. It's easy … [Read More...]

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It’s a Family Affair

The Love Dare For Parents

Have You Ever Been Dared? Or perhaps you've been double-dog dared? Well either way, if you are anything like me, when someone challenges me to do something to better myself as a person (and in this … [Read More...]

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Gettin’ Busy in the Kitchen

the best zucchini bread muffins recipe

I have many nostalgic childhood memories of baking with both of my great grandmothers, both of my grandmothers, and also with my own mother. Spending so much time in the kitchen with these five … [Read More...]

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